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Escape Action Level 71 to 75 Walkthrough

Here are my walkthrough for level 71 to 75 of escape action which released today.
escape action
Escape Action Level 71 Walkthrough
Tke the yellow sponge from the white stand,dip it in blue liquid and rub it on the door having the droplet symbol until it changes to flower symbol and touch the rhino head on the left of the door.
Escape Action Level 72 Walkthrough
Take the piece of paper lying on the floor, swipe on the middle circle using the paper until number 9 appears, click it to place that in inventory. Now turn off both lights to get numbers 4 and 8. Swipe two times on the downward arrow and place numbers 4 8 9 on the circles from top to bottom to complete this level.
Escape Action Level 73 Walkthrough
Take the wrench lying on the floor, use it to break open the cross in order to get the key. Use the key to open the grey box in order to get the chain cutter. Use the cutter to cut the chains. Continue reading

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