• Garage Door Sizes - Standards Raised From Horses to Cars

    It should be admitted that the origins of garage doors as well as the sizes came about in an original way. What do you think was called the horseless carriage? The first make shift garages were actually barns and barn doors as automobiles so these were called the horseless carriage. The main characteristic of these doors was in their size and height. At the beginning they were not all standardized but at the very least, these doors were 30 feet wide and 20 feet high.

    This was so to position the horses and carriages that were still present. Today garage door sizes have been more or less standardized. The size of most garage doors in North America and Europe vary between 7 feet high and 9 feet wide. The reason for the bigger width space has to do with the opening of the car doors which is an additional 3 feet per side if the door is open to its fullest aperture. For those homeowners who prefer two car garages, the ongoing standard has increased to 20 feet wide by 9 feet high, when the former standard was around 16 feet by 7 feet, because of the emergence of Sub Urban Vehicles.

    It is worth to admit that the width of garage doors in crowded cities such as Japan and Tokyo is very small. Some areas offer the width just around 6 feet wide or almost the width of a car itself. Due to the fact of parking in Japan, the vehicle doesn’t require much area in the garage. While parking the car in this city, all the passengers must leave the vehicle and only the driver can stay as he may be the only person able to get off the auto.

    It should be mentioned that the cars have been designed due to this situation. Japanese versions of vans such as the Mitsubishi Delica and the Toyota Previa are made narrower and much higher with sliding doors. This explains the situation that the driver can park the car in such a small space and then get out not using his door but going through the rear passenger's sliding door as well.

    You choice of a garage door will definitely depend on your taste as well as finance possibilities. In other words, its sizes may be customized to fit your specifications. Such new materials as Glass Reinforced Polyester, Vinyl, and ABS will definitely make it quite easier for manufacturers to cut garages doors to specifications and since these materials don't move like wood, they are virtually maintenance free.

    These materials are not as expensive as real wood but still in some time it may become a worthwhile investment. Moreover, one of the advantages of these new materials is that they have reinforced steel at its sidings to prevent any forcible entry as well. Because of its weight, a small garage door automatic door opener machine is used and incurs savings to the buyer. Using such materials for getting a new garage door is surely a good investment for your residence.


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