Escape The Mansion Level 31 32 33 34 35 Walkthrough

Here is my walkthrough for levels 31 to 35 of Escape The Mansion. I have already posted my walkthrough from level 1 to 30 here.
escape the mansion
Escape The Mansion Level 31
Open the cage and wait for lizard to bring the key and then shake the phone to get the key.
Escape The Mansion Level 32
Swipe repeatedly on the phone to remove the cow webs.
Escape The Mansion Level 33

Click the book, which shows the numbers and corresponding symbols. Tap appropriate symbols for number “15790”
escape the mansion level 33
Escape The Mansion Level 34
Click the arrows in the direction that it is pointing to and continue clicking them until you reach the circle.
Escape The Mansion Level 35
Challenger level. Find ball several times in a row to complete.

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