Escape Action Level 76 to 78 Walkthrough

Here is my walkthrough for levels 76, 77 and 78.
Escape Action Level 76 Walkthrough
Remove the green leaves, arrange the letters on the top of the door as “PASSWORD” to finish this level.
escape action level 76
Escape Action Level 77 Walkthrough

Arrange the flags as indicated in the image to move on to next level.
escape action level 77
Escape Action Level 78 Walkthrough
Click on the jumbled circuits to connect all of them as shown in image.escape action level 78_1 A stick will fall on the chair once you shake your phone. Use it to connect the circuit as shown in figure escape action level 78_2and swipe the blue drop symbol present at the bottom right on the screen. Torch will get lighted and the door will be blasted.

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