Escape Action Level 61 to 65 Walkthrough

I am back with the walkthrough of escape action level 61 to 65.
escape action
Escape Action Level 61 Walkthrough
To complete this level, use number 214 to open the door.
Escape Action Level 62 Walkthrough
Put the shapes in the order to move to level 63. top left triangle, top right rectangle, bottom left diamond, bottom right triangle facing down.
Escape Action Level 63 Walkthrough
Use the cloth on the floor then use it to erase number behind the dot and then find number in 4 square which when we add gives the result that is the middle number. Door will open allowing you to move to next level.

Escape Action Level 64 Walkthrough

Punch in the numbers in the door by counting all lines in the character to make the door open.

Escape Action Level 65 Walkthrough

Challenger level. Slide arrows as fast as you can to finish this level.

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