Can You Escape Tower Level 7 8 9 Walkthrough

Here is my walkthrough for Can You Escape Tower Level 7, 8 and 9.
can you escape tower
Can You Escape Tower Level 7 Walkthrough
Arrange the jumbled picture to reveal the box. In order to open the box, use colors Yellow, Red, Green and Violet. Grab the key and open the door to level 8.
Can You Escape Tower Level 8 Walkthrough
Use 271744 code to open the box in order to get a scroll. Now grab the vase in the ground and break it to reveal a statue. Use the statue to break open the flower vase in order to get the knife. Use the knife to tear one picture on the wall, to reveal a box. In order to open the box use symbols as shown in image (Final symbol is U) and grab the key.
Can You Escape Tower Level 9 Walkthrough
Grab the black ball and light it using the stars outside the window. Place it in the shelft revealing a chart with alphabets and numbers. Tap the following places in the chart (8L, 2H, C3, 4A, D7, K2) to get the key.

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