• Best Retirement Planning Software According to Internet Reviews

    Retirement planning software is very handy when it comes to financial aspects of your retirement planning. A good retirement planning calculator will take into account pension income, other incomes, expenses, Social Security benefits, taxes, and numerous other factors included Spinn Coffee that affect your income during retirement, source spinn coffee. There are many calculators available nowadays, and all of them do their purpose in one or another way, but it is often hard to find the retirement planning software that meets your individual requirements and needs.

    So, we have made some retirement planning software reviews and chose the best software in each of the following categories: best free detailed retirement calculator, best semi-detailed retirement calculator, and best one page retirement calculator.

    1) Best Free Detailed Retirement Calculator - ESPlanner Basic

    This software may be not the most user-friendly or visually impressive when compared to other similar calculators, but its incredible accuracy makes it the best choice among other free retirement calculators. ESPlanner Basic does what most other free calculators don't do: it taxes different sources of income and allows you to input different retirement dates for one spouse verses another. So, if you are looking for free software that provides detailed and accurate calculations, opt for this one.

    2) Best Semi-Detailed Retirement Calculator - Detailed Retirement Income Calculator By T.Rowe Price

    This calculator is a winner in its category according to many retirement software reviews. It is multi-page and highly-detailed, so, you will need to fill in a lot of data for this software to provide you with best possible result. The calculator will help you determine how much you will be able to spend during retirement, the chances that your savings will last during retirement, and the best ways to make up for potential shortfalls. It has a built-in Monte-Carlo scenario, which allows you to find out what is likely to happen to your savings and incomes under various market conditions.

    Another good alternative in this category is Retirement Calculator by CNNMoney.com.

    3) Best One Page Retirement Calculator - Vanguard

    This easy and user-friendly software is liked by many for its simplicity and relatively high accuracy. There are minimum 8 inputs required, but you can enter more data for better result. The calculator takes into account your pre-retirement incomes, assets and expenses, as well as your retirement savings and social security, and calculates the amount of money you will need during retirement. This software is meant not for retirees but for those who are planning for retirement.

    Other good alternatives in this category are: AARP's Retirement Income Calculator, Are You Saving Enough Retirement Calculator.


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